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Financial Planning & Analysis

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Whether you need to develop a budget for the next year, are raising new investment, or just want to get a better handle on specific aspects of your business, we can help. We can build a financial model from scratch (in a way that you or your own team can maintain it) or we can work to improve and extend a model you already have.

Custom model development

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If your business problem cannot be solved using an existing machine learning model, that doesn't mean we need to start from scratch. In many cases, we can adapt an existing model, either using transfer learning with an existing trained model, or by using an existing model architecture as a starting point.

Machine learning deployment

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Most people recognise that machine learning has the potential to make their products better, or their operations more efficient. Things often get stuck. We unstick them.
Who we are
I'm Rahim Nathwani. I was born and grew up in London, where I co-founded two consumer-lending related companies. Since 2010 I've lived in Beijing, where I spent 5 years as a Product Manager at large tech companies (Amazon and Google).
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